The Integrated Platform for IT Instruction and Assessments

Single Box, Cloud Native Integrated Appliance for conducting remote classes, one-on-one peer instruction, proficiency exams and Prototyping on virtually any Information Technology topic, on-demand.

For Education

Collaborative Classes - Provide in-class and at-home vocational students a reinforced learning experience as they mirror instructor led lessons in JupyterLab.

For Business

Candidate Assessment - Objectively evaluate candidate IT-proficiency with standardized Notebook exams. Unlike coding tests, Notebooks offer practical scenarios.

For Peer Teaching

Velocity Learning - Peer instruct remote students with individualized Notebook lessons to attain proficiency goals faster. Boost textbook learning.

Dynamic Learning

Dynamic IT Lessons are designed and taught in JupyterLab, a canvas that enables interactive experimentation by students. (Lesson packs optionally available.)

Learn ◦ Teach ◦ Assess ◦ PoC ◦ Any Information Technology Stack, On-Demand

On-Cloud Managed Service Option

Data Science

In-Classroom Appliance Option

Data Science